Solar Roofing

Certainteed Powermax Solar Roofing

Solar is the future and we proudly offer the best options for your home and office.

PowerMax® – Rooftop power…Curbside appeal…And the most beautiful bottom line in solar power.

PowerMax® combines sleek aesthetics and innovative Copper-Indium-Selenium (CIS) thin film technology for the most efficient cost-to-power ratio in the industry.

Benefits on Your Roof

PowerMax® Premium Class Photovoltaic modules are designed to hug rooflines with stylish, jet-black panel arrays that produce world record efficiency with respect to other thin film solar technologies in installed-power-per-area generation capacity.

  • Highly efficient with half the energy payback time of conventional crystalline technology
  • Outstanding performance, even in low light and partial shade
  • Sensational curb appeal with sleek black finish, tightly mitered corners and concealed mounting clamps
  • Robust construction and high snow load capacity (113 lbs. per sq. ft.)
  • Class C fire rating
  • Ease of installation provided by built-in mounting lip

Benefits in Your Bill… and In Your World

PowerMax performs… with significant energy savings, reduced carbon emissions, and the highest electricity conversion efficiency for thin film solar modules in the world.

That means it will generate some or all of the electricity your home uses during the day, plus more when your home isn’t drawing on it. And if you don’t use all the electricity your roof makes, the excess power flows back through your meter into the power grid, causing your electric bill to go down even further.

And all that power generated through sunlight is power that coal, oil or nuclear energy doesn’t have to work for.