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    24/7 Commercial & Multi-Family Roof Leak Repairs

    Our team stands ready to dispatch for any 24/7 Emergency Commercial & Multi-Family Roof Leak Repair to inspect and promptly make the needed repairs to stop the infiltration and prevent further damage and protect people at the structure. At County Roofing you can rely on us to give your leak problem the full attention it deserves and get it gets resolved promptly and done right the first time. County Roofing is a certified commercial roofing company and has been servicing roof systems for over 30 years. We build trusted relationships by solving our customer’s individual roofing problems one job at a time.  

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    If you spot these conditions on a commercial roof, we can help: 

    Top Reasons for Roof Leaks and Premature Roof Deterioration:

    • Puddle Saturation
    • Damaged Membrane from other work done on roof
    • Clogged drainage systems
    • Pooling water
    • Damaged Flashing 
    • Poorly Sealed Pipes and Openings at pipes, drains, HVAC units and other building equipment extend through the roof’s surface.
    • Missing Shingles
    • Mold or Mildew
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