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    Inspection and Preventative Maintenance Programs

    County Roofing Systems is proud to customize an inspection and preventative maintenance program specifically designed to meet the needs of your business and your commercial building.

    Each building and each system has their own special requirements, and no “cookie cutter” approach is appropriate.

    Working together, we will design the best possible program to both enhance the protection of your roofing system while minimizing impact on your business or tenants.



    A multi-point inspection is the first step in protecting your roof and building.

    Not all issues are visible to the naked eye, so we use the latest technology, like thermal imaging, to ensure any issues are identified.

    It is recommended your roof be inspected twice a year. We suggest in the Spring (after the damaging winter weather) and again in the Autumn (in preparation for the upcoming winter). This twice annual approach gives you the opportunity to get your roofing system in prime condition BEFORE it is needed.


    Preventative Maintenance

    Just like changing the oil in your vehicle, preventative maintenance of your roofing system is vital to ensuring it reaches its full lifespan and protects your business and building adequately.

    However, there are other reasons for a preventative maintenance program.

    Your warranty requires ongoing maintenance to remain in full effect.

    Additionally, should an insurance claim become necessary in the future, a history of ongoing preventative maintenance establishes a baseline, as well as negates potential issues with contributory negligence.

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