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    New Roof Replacements

    Do it Once and Do it Right.  

    For over 35 years County Roofing strives to offer our valued customers the very best in roofing materials and craftsmanship to build roof systems that are built to last.  We bring the very best products and craftsmanship to every new roof replacement we do. Our passion is excellence in roofing and mission for service.  Our attention to detail and focus comes from our desire to build every project once and right the first time, on time and on budget.

    Options to choose from tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

    By offering our customers the highest quality products, the best manufacturers’ warranties in the business, and flawless installation we bring not only peace of mind of a job done right, but also substantial long term facilities budget savings.   Our team has decades of experience installing new commercial, multi-family and industrial roof systems.  When choosing the materials and manufacturers for a new roof system, there are options to choose from which best suit the specific needs, budget and conditions of the individual structure.  Our expert team can help select a system that is best tailored to your organization’s needs.

    Types of low slope Commercial, Multi-family and Industrial Roof Systems

    Single-ply membranes are complete roofing systems. Made from rubberized materials, these systems come in rolls that are chemically or mechanically attached to your existing roofing structure. After they are rolled out, the seams are either chemically bonded together or heat welded, forming a virtually seamless single layer. The value is in that seamless, waterproof nature. Since seams are the most common point of failure, by eliminating the seam, you reduce leaks substantially. Additionally, many of these membranes come with an increased reflectivity built in. This “cool roof” concept can reduce the costs of cooling your building by 30% or more, while adding years of additional lifespan.

    Some of the most commons roofing systems options are:

    EPDM Roofing Systems

    EPDM is an extremely durable synthetic material and stands for ethylene propylene diene terpolymer.  EPDM is better known as “rubber roofing” and provides for excellent waterproofing capabilities and long-term durability. EPDM is an extremely durable synthetic rubber roofing membrane that is used worldwide. EPDM is available in both black and white and is sold in a variety of widths and thicknesses.  Its superior durability and cost-effectiveness are part of what makes EPDM one of the most popular flat roof systems installed in the U.S. today.

    EPDM rubber roofing has the roofing industry’s longest average service life of approximately 25-30 years. It is lightweight and flexible and can be used for flat, low and steep slope roofs – an ideal roof over application. The membranes have a high resistance to wind, hail, UV radiation, thermal shock and extreme temperatures, making it an extremely durable roof that will keep your roof watertight for years to come.

    There are three ways to install an EPDM rubber roof: adhered, mechanically fastened or ballasted. Each installation method has its own benefits and uses. A fully adhered system means that the roof is being glued to the surface beneath it. This is both the most time-consuming installation and the longest lasting of the EPDM systems. The most common EPDM system is mechanically attached, which has fasteners that are screwed into the deck through the insulation. Ballasted systems are loose-laid over the insulation and held in place by smooth, river-washed stoned or concrete pavers.

    TPO Roofing Systems

    TPO, which is short for thermoplastic polyolefin, offers excellent performance at a very cost-effective price. The heat-welded seams provide for improved strength and durability.  TPO’s long-term heat, UV, and fungal resistance, and flexibility without the need for plasticizers make TPO a reliable low-slope roofing system option. TPO membranes are made of a co-polymerized rubber synthetic substance that softens when heated, and then hardens while cooling. These roof membranes are single-ply and can be installed using a variety of methods including mechanical attachment and fully adhered.

    TPO membranes are made with a co-polymerized rubber that allows them greater flexibility in cold climates. This membrane is best recognized for having the benefits of EPDM and PVC systems, at a more economical cost. TPO membranes are white and highly-reflective, making them an excellent choice for those looking to reduce energy costs. In addition to being ENERGY STAR rated, TPO’s recyclability makes it an environmentally conscious system. Additionally, TPO roofs are durable and resist dirt, bacteria and debris build-up making them highly resistant to tears, punctures and impact damage. 

    PVC Roofing Systems

    PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is a surprisingly strong, durable material for your single-ply system. With a breaking strength of 350 pounds per square inch, it greatly exceeds the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) standard of 200 pounds per square inch.

    PVC offers excellent protection against water leaks and is resistant to chemicals, UV and fire.

    With its reflective nature, PVC is frequently utilized in “cool roof” technology and may be Energy Star certified, depending on manufacturer.

    First installed in the early 1960’s, PVC added solid plasticizers to the PVC membrane allowing for additional weatherability and flexibility, where the membrane alone would be more susceptible to seasonal climate changes. PVC membranes remain incredibly versatile, chemical resistant and are highly recommended for roof-over projects. They are available in a variety of colors, thicknesses, widths, and reinforcements, making them an excellent option for almost any roofing project.  PVC is highly reflective/UV resistant, making the membrane an energy efficient option for warmer climates.

    Modified Bitumen Roofing

    Modified bitumen roofing has evolved for over the past 60 years to become one of the most popular and trusted applications in the world.  Its is known for its high tensile strength, excellent waterproofing qualities, flexibility in its expanding and contracting with extreme temperatures, diverse application methods and ease of application.

    Modified Bitumen has long surpassed and replaced its cousin, the old Built Up Roof Systems (BUR) that was used for over 100 years.  Modified Bitumen is a polymerized rubber or plastic reinforced with fiberglass to create a rugged and flexible waterproof membrane that can be installed in cold temperatures, utilizing a variety of  different methods for application. It can be  heat welded, cold applied, and self adhered and mechanically attached. Typically it is installed with multiple layers of insulation, base and cap sheet membranes and adhesives. This type of membrane is a good choice for building structures which expand and contract due to extreme changes in temperature and high winds winds

    Metal Roofing 

    Metal roofing offers incredible durability, beauty and energy efficiency, making it a very attractive option for consideration in any new roof replacement project.  Whether using metal roofing as a beautiful accent in combination with asphalt shingles and other roofing materials, or using metal for your whole new roofing project,  metal roofing offers incredible versatility, is cost effective, and has an unrivaled eye popping linear beauty.  

      County Roofing Systems’ craftsmen have the experience and special training to insure your new metal roofing system is built to last.  For over 35 years County Roofing Systems has been perfecting its craft and knowledge, building its reputation of excellence for getting the job done right.  Whether residential or commercial, County Roofing Systems is the right choice for your new metal roofing system because when a metal roof is expertly and properly installed by a trained and certified metal roofer, your new roof will have a life expectancy of far exceeding fifty years!  

    At County Roofing Systems, we have invested in on site technologies and state of the art machines which allow us to fabricate seamless panels custom tailored to your project’s specifications. This efficiency allows us to build your new metal roofing project seamlessly and precisely. 

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