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    Coatings are liquid-applied materials that are applied directly to your roofing surface. As they dry, they form a completely seamless monolithic layer of waterproof protection across your entire roofing structure, including protrusions like A/C vents and so forth.

    Highly reflective options exist, which can be utilized in your “cool roof” plans. In addition to being Energy Star rated, these coatings extend the life of your existing roof for years and can be re-applied repeatedly, if necessary.

    Roof Restoration: The Comprehensive Guide | American WeatherStar

    Oil Based Coatings

    Oil based coatings contain drying oils, usually in the form of a vegetable oil, that reacts with the oxygen in the air. As the liquid application “cures”, the resulting dried layer forms the watertight coating surface.

    Oil based coatings are highly regarded for their anti-corrosive features. Additionally, oil based coatings adhere well to painted surfaces, unlike other coating types.

    These benefits combine to make an oil based coating the preferred base coating for most applications.


    Acrylic coatings are applied 5-10 times thicker than household paint, but a nice protective layer. Initially in a liquid state, it is sprayed onto the base coating and allowed to dry in place

    This literally zero seams, the waterproofing involved is obvious. What is less obvious is the increased energy efficiency and decreased thermal fluctuations in your building.

    Highly reflective, acrylic elastomeric coatings have been shown to reflect up to 85% of the heat from solar rays away from the roof of your building. This directly results in lower cooling costs and increased savings.

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