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    One of the biggest risks to your commercial building and your business is water. Leaks can cause rot, damage inventory, develop mold and even ultimately lead to the failure of the roofing structure itself.

    Waterproofing your roofing system is THE best way to reduce these risks.

    As an added benefit, waterproofing measures now come with the capability of improving the overall energy efficiency of the building, which saves you money. They have also been shown to increase the longevity of the roof itself.

    That is truly a win-win combination.



    Application of a coating over your roof is one way of ensuring waterproofing.

    A coating goes on as a liquid and dries into a single layer of waterproofing material. No seams means no areas for leaks.

    This coating is also sprayed up the side of protrusions, like a/c vents, to eliminate the risk of water infiltration in those areas.

    As an additional bonus, this type of waterproofing also improves the energy efficiency of your building, saving you money on cooling costs.


    Single-Ply Membranes

    Single-ply membranes are sheets of waterproofing materials that are rolled out across your roofing structure.

    The sheets are chemically or mechanically fastened to the roof and the seams are either heat welded or fused with industrial adhesives.

    Like coatings, this provides for a single layer of protection covering the entire roof. Unlike coatings, membranes are never in a liquid form.

    With excellent UV protection and a highly reflective surface, membranes can also improve your energy efficiency and costs.

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