Radiant Barrier

Radiant Barrier

Radiant barrier can help keep your home cooler in the Summer and warmer in the Winter. Call us for more information.

A properly installed radiant barrier can help your home or office reflect the sun’s rays back away from the interior of your attic and lower your heating and cooling bills.

Radiant Barrier for Cooling:

Our radiant barrier will greatly reduce the radiant heat that builds up in your shingle roof from penetrating into your attic and taxing your HVAC system. By using the ventilation already installed in your attic (or we can help with that too) the radiant barrier forces the hot air out faster to bring cooler air into your attic through soffit vents. Radiant barrier makes your insulation much more effective and thereby lowers your cooling costs and increases the comfort in your building.

Radiant Barrier For Heating:

Radiant barrier works by the same principle (in reverse) when keeping the heat inside your home in the winter. As your heater works, heat rises and slips past the insulation in your attic. Radiant barrier will help hold the heat in by reflecting it back into your home. This helps reduce heating costs in the winter and keeps your home much more comfortable.

Reduces Hotspots in Your Home:

Do you have one room that always seems to be hotter than the others? It is possible that your roof is literally heating that room because of the radiant heat that is being transferred. A radiant barrier can help solve this problem by reflecting the sun’s energy back away from your living areas thereby keeping them cooler and more comfortable.

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