Hiring A Roofer

Hiring A Roofer

We try take the challenge out of hiring a contractor you can trust to handle your next project by building a reputation, offering the very best in quality, value and service in all aspects of your project.

Hiring a Roofing Contractor:

At County Roofing Systems we strive to build a trusted and long lasting relationship with our valued customers.  By providing our customers with exceptional value in their projects, we are able to build a good relationship in the community which enables you to trust your project will be completed to your complete satisfaction.

Contractor should be insured.

Contractors providing home improvement services in our region must be licensed in order to offer contracting services.  In order to be licensed, a contractor must show that it has the experience and qualifications to offer its services to the public.  At County Roofing Systems we have taken the steps necessary to provide our customers with highly skilled and experienced craftsmen who are licensed to provide the services for your next project.

Contract should be clear and specific.

At County Roofing Systems we offer detailed and itemized, simple proposals to each of our customers, so there are no misunderstandings or surprises in the scope of work to be performed nor the cost for such project.  This clarity in dealing with County Roofing Systems makes the process of hiring a contractor much easier.  When a customer is informed and comfortable with each part of the process in planning and executing a project, the project process is smooth and satisfying.

Contractor should be insured.

At County Roofing Systems we are certain to carry the very best in insurance coverage to provide our customers with the comfort that being insured in every aspect of a project provides.

Contractor should have a trusted reputation in the community.

At County Roofing Systems we have made it our mission to develop long lasting and trusted relationships with our valued customers.  By establishing relationship with our customers who we provide services, we are able to gain a great reputation.  Our best and most appreciated source of business is the many referrals we get from existing customers!  We very much appreciate all of the positive reviews and referrals we receive from our customers.  We have a customer appreciation referral program for our customers who take the time to refer us to their family, friends and neighbors.

Contractor should have references available.

Our best source for new customers is referrals from past customers. When a prior customer trusts us enough to refer us to a family, friend or neighbor, we cherish that trust, and are even more motivated to provide that referred customer the very best service available in our industry. When a customer refers us to family, friend or neighbor, they are can be confident that we will not disappoint.

See contractors past projects.

We have done hundreds of projects in your neighborhood.  You can see many of our projects on our website, and we can show you more in person!

Consider the value of the services being offered.

When comparing contractors, make sure to careful compare the scope of work and the materials being offered.   Compare apples to apples.  At County Roofing Systems we don’t cut corners or offer sub par materials or labor.  We strive to give our customers the very best in materials, skilled installation, and project efficiency so the project will come out the best it can be.  You only want to do your project once.  With County Roofing Systems you can trust and be sure your project gets done right the first time!