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County Roofing has Brooklyn covered.

County Roofing is your New York City roofing contractor, and has been servicing Brooklyn and the 5 boroughs solving roofing problems for over 35 years.  We are honored to be the expert roofers New Yorkers rely on when they need 24/7 emergency repairs, maintenance or replacements to commercial, multi-family, industrial and residential buildings. 

County Roofing is dedicated to providing you with the very best roofing products, flawless installations and unrivaled service, all designed to keep your property safe from the elements, with minimal interference in your business operation.  

Brooklyn relies on Our Reputation for Excellence 

When you rely on County Roofing for your next commercial, industrial or residential roof project, whether big or small, you benefit from our team’s extensive knowledge, skill and commitment to the community we serve.  New York City is one of the most diverse and unique places in the world, with all types of structures and roof systems.  At County we work with all different types of commercial, industrial and residential roof systems, including all types of flat roofing, asphalt shingles, and metal.  We specialize in multi-family and community structures, including  apartment buildings, condominiums, and cooperatives. At County Roofing, the members of our team are born and raised New Yorkers, and have built great working relationships in our community by expertly servicing our customers from all over the 5 boroughs. 

Each Roof is Unique

Each structure and roof in the city is unique.  Choosing the best roofing system and type of roofing material to use is a choice which can be based on a variety of factors relating to the individual needs of a structure.  At County we are certified by the top manufacturers of the many different roofing systems and material options available, including TPO, EPDM, Modified Bitumen, PVC or Metal Roofing. 

We’ve got Brooklyn covered.

County Roofing is your top rated, licensed and insured, New York City roofing contractor, and has been servicing the 5 boroughs and Long Island and solving roofing problems for over 35 years.  We are honored to be the roofers New Yorkers call and rely on when they need a job done right.  Whether it is our award winning 24/7 emergency leak repair service, Maintenance and Rehabilitation, total roof replacement, or our safety and protection training and checklist approach to every job we do, and our variety of Warranties available to fit your company’s needs and budget.

Brooklyn Weather is Tough on Roof Systems

New York City weather can be tough on roof systems.  In the five boroughs on average a roof will be subjected to rain or snow over 60 days each year.  It will also be below freezing and above 90 °F for over 30 days a year. With extreme weather and changes in temperature, rain and snow and hot summers, the roofing membrane is constantly expanding and contracting causing wear and tear on a roof. At County Roofing our team has the experience and training needed to help protect your roof systems and building envelope by recommending the best roofing solutions tailored to a structures requirements and your organizations needs.  Whether a repair or replacement we know what needs to be done to maximize the service life of any roof system.

We Stop Leaks in A New York Minute

When a leak happens, New Yorkers rely on County Roofing to respond quickly to find and stop the source of infiltration. Whether an apartment and multi-family building, community housing, residential, commercial or industrial structures, New Yorkers call on us when they need to find and stop infiltration fast.  Leaks on any roof structure in New York City can cause damage to the roofing materials and wood decking, and even the inside of a structure causing danger to people and property inside. At County Roofing we know how damaging such infiltration can be and take infiltration seriously.  We respond to calls with our leak repair team, expertly trained and using state of the art technology to identify and quickly stop infiltration. 

When a roof leak is suspected our team will do a comprehensive multi point inspection to discover signs of moisture infiltration, staining on the walls, ceilings and roof deck. Many times, depending on the type of roof system, it is difficult to determine the exact source of water entry. Leaks occasionally result in damage far from where the water first entered the building. You can rely on County Roofing Systems to inspect and determine the problem and implement the most efficient and cost effective remedy to protect your roofing system. 

Our customers in the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhattan rely on our team to inspect their roof in their care and provide them with the information they need to ensure their roof system and structure is operating at peak performance for maximum roof service life.

Born and raised in the community we serve.

Working in the community we grew up in is especially satisfying for our team.  Knowing the ins and outs of Queens and Brooklyn, making great working relationships with our customers from Manhattan and the Bronx and all over the rich and diverse neighborhoods all over the 5 boroughs, makes being the roofing company New Yorkers choose to solve roofing problems is an honor we don’t take lightly.

Safety if Our Priority

Working in the city requires an understanding of the streets and buildings, how to navigate and logistics to secure the workspace for safety and efficiency.  At County Roofing we set up a safety job plan for every project we do.  Making sure the worksite is properly prepared and protected to avoid any danger to people or property in the area of work is our primary concern.  You can trust the roofing experts at County Roofing to safely manage your project with the attention to detail it deserves.

Our Passion is Roofing. Our Mission is Service.

Our mission is service. Keeping roof systems watertight and safe.  For over 35 years County Roofing has been building trusted relationships by solving our customer’s problems one job at a time.

Why Businesses Choose County Roofing

Companies in all over Long Island and New York City have chosen County Roofing for over 35 years, relying on our reputation for excellence in roofing, our Multi-Point Inspection and Evaluation, our 24/7 Leak Repair Service Program, our Maintenance and Rehabilitation Programs, our Safety and Protection Checklist approach to every job we do, and our variety of Warranties available to fit your company’s needs and budget.

Each project we do is individually tailored to meet your needs and begins with a comprehensive multi point inspection and evaluation, including photos, specific real time on site details, along with remedy, product, and warranty options and recommendations, giving you the details necessary to choose the solution that best works for your organization’s needs.

We proudly serve all the great local neighborhoods in Brooklyn- Kings County

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