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    Address: 68 S. Service Road, Suite 100, Melville, New York 11747

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    Inspection and Evaluation

    Your Multi-Family building is in great hands when you work with County Roofing Systems! One of the reasons is our in-depth inspection and evaluation services.

    Your multi-family building will benefit from a comprehensive, in-depth inspection of its existing condition. Identifying any areas of potential failure and addressing them proactively, reduces both risk of failure and the expenditure necessary for repairs.

    As a part of our evaluation, we use the latest technology, including thermal imaging to identify areas of air loss, as well as leaks that may be invisible to the naked eye.

    It is our mission to keep your building and your tenants safe, comfortable and well-protected.

    Preventative Maintenance and Rehabilitation


    Offering ongoing preventative maintenance programs and the ability to restore or rehabilitate your existing roofing system as needed is simply another way County Roofing Systems is here to support and protect your multi-family building investment.

    Up to 85% of roofs are replaced prematurely. Don’t let yours be the next statistic!



    As a certified contractor County Roofing Systems is able to offer a lifetime guaranty for all Lifetime Roofing Systems we install.  This performance guaranty will cover your roofing for 50 years.  This warranty is a non-prorated warranty that will fully cover the total replacement of your roofing system should it fail due to material defect within 50 years. Many of these are transferable, increasing the value of your building to your next potential buyer.

    Consideration For Your Tenant’s Needs


    Your tenants are your bread-and-butter. You don’t need a contractor that comes in without regard to their needs and schedules. We respect that 100%. County Roofing Systems works diligently to coordinate all roofing projects, from repairs to full replacements around the needs of the families your building protects.

    Whether condos, co-ops or apartments, County Roofing Systems respects the time and privacy of every individual we are working to protect.

    You will find no contractor more respectful or professional when interacting with your tenants…we guarantee it. Just look at our reviews.

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