Chimney Cap Repair

A good chimney cap can mean the difference between a leaking fireplace and one that functions properly.

If you find that water is entering your fireplace, you may need a chimney cap repair. There are a number of reasons that your chimney cap may be leaking, and having it repaired quickly will prevent many issues that may follow.

Missing Chimney Vent:

If you have recently experienced a storm with high wind, your metal chimney may have been damaged or blown off. This will allow rain to fall directly into your chimney and flow down into your fireplace. As it is running down the chimney, it may also find a way into your attic or upper floors and cause unseen damage.

Cracked Chimney Cap:

Many chimney tops are designed with a concrete cap that is normally sealed and allows any rain to run off. As this chimney cap ages, it may develop cracks that will allow water into the chimney chase. This also results in rainwater falling into your fireplace. We specialize in sealing the cracked chimney cap and will solve your chimney’s problem.

Don’t put this off:

Water making its way into your fireplace can create many issues that will cost you more in the future. In addition to the obvious mold issues, if the water is finding its way into your attic or upper floors, you may have rotting wood that can deteriorate and cause structural damage around your chimney.

Call us today to look at your leaking chimney and advise you on the proper course of action.

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