Certainteed Synthetic Slate

Certainteed Synthetic Slate

Certainteed Synthetic Slate combines time-proven products with beauty and the latest in technology.

Natural Slate Roofing
Although natural slate roofing can be beautiful, it can be extremely heavy and expensive.  CertainTeed manufactures various roofing shingles to replicate the look of natural slate roofing. 

What are the advantages of asphalt shingle roofing versus natural slate roofing?

The authentic depth and dimension of natural slate roofing can now be achieved in asphalt roofing shingles.  CertainTeed manufactures high-quality shingles under the names Grand Manor™, Centennial Slate™ and Carriage House™.  These products capture the classic appeal and enduring beauty of natural-cut slate roofing at a fraction of the cost. 

What are
 the advantages of synthetic slate roofing versus natural slate roofing?

CertainTeed’s Symphony™ Slate is an innovative roofing product simulating the appearance, texture and contours of traditional natural slate roofing.  Symphony is a carefully engineered polymer composite roofing product designed for beauty, durability, and easy-handling.  It is simple to install and at a fraction of the weight and cost of natural slate roofing.  It is shatter resistant unlike natural slate roofing that can shatter when walked upon or in cold weather.  This also means easier installation and less waste.

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