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    Shingles are the most popular form of roofing in the United States. Tough, durable, and attractive, there are many advantages to using shingles on your home.

    First, they are cost-effective. One of the least expensive initial outlay options available.

    Second, they are versatile. There are 18 different types of shingles available and can mimic wood, slate, clay or many other roofing types, while still providing the tough protection against the elements that shingles are known for.

    Finally, they are durable. Depending on your manufacturer, you can expect warranties of up to 50 years!




    Who installs your shingle roof is as important as which manufacturer you choose.

    County Roofing Systems is proud to be certified as a Master Elite Contractor with GAF and a Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning.

    These certifications are determined solely by the manufacturer and are based on integrity, craftsmanship and customer service. These are not certifications that can be bought, they must be earned. We proudly stand by these systems and their warranties.



    Today’s shingles are available in much more than the traditional asphalt shingle you are accustomed to.

    Architectural shingles allow for a custom look and feel for your home. They are available in a wide array to styles, colors and designs, able to meet the most discriminating of taste.

    If you prefer a more organic look, we can discuss wood or shake shingles. Both provide a rustic feel to your home.

    Finally, if you are more upscale, consider slate as an option. Beautiful, durable and very elegant on your home.

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