County Roofing Multi-Point Inspection

Knowledge is Power

The value of a roof inspection by a certified roofing expert at County Roofing can save your organization substantially by preventing costly property damages and the premature degrading of your structure’s roof system.

A roof system is one of the most expensive assets on a building. The costs associated with premature degradation of roof systems can be traumatic for any business concern.  A simple inexpensive roof inspection offers real-time intelligence on a roof system’s condition, steps needed to safeguard and maximize its service life, and the ability to form a budget plan for any services required. An inspection program gives you the data you need to protect any roofs in your care and prioritize any needed services in capital improvement budgets.

The most cost-efficient step in good management of any roof in your care is implementing a regular inspection schedule by an certified roofing expert, to get an accurate picture of the system’s condition,  identifying problems in need of repair or maintenance, before they lead to costly deterioration or property damage, and remaining useful service life.

County Roofing Systems offers a multi-point inspection to insure roof systems operate at their peak by spotting and addressing problems before they happen, helping to improve performance but also increasing roof life on average from 5 to 7 years for substantial savings.


Start with a Comprehensive Multi-Point Inspection

Begin with comprehensive multi-point inspection and evaluation, including photos, specific real time on site details, along with remedy, product, and warranty options and recommendations, giving you the details necessary to choose the solution that best works for your organization’s needs and budget. Discover and address problems which could jeopardize your facility’s roofing system, including moisture infiltration, leaks, pooling, and staining on the walls, ceilings and roof deck.

A regular and proactive inspection program also allows building owners to document the condition of their roof systems. This documentation makes up a critical part of capital planning, as it allows estimates to be made for roof system longevity, identifies problem areas that will need repairs sooner or later, and, in the event of premature failure, will be required by manufacturers in order to honor warranties.

A multi-point inspection is the first step in protecting your roof and building.

Not all issues are visible to the naked eye, so we use the latest technology, like thermal imaging, to ensure any issues are properly identified.

Multi-Point Inspection

CRS will inspect and assess the overall condition of the roof structure, identify the source of any leaks or potential infiltration areas, and unusual wear and tear, damage and any other problems that may have occurred during system installation or subsequent repairs. Our roof inspection will assess the roof structure, materials, interiors, and workmanship.

It is recommended your roof be inspected twice a year. We suggest in the Spring (after the damaging winter weather) and again in the Autumn (in preparation for the upcoming winter). This twice annual approach gives you the opportunity to get your roofing system in prime condition.

Regular inspections are vital to ensuring it reaches its full lifespan and protects your business and building. 

Identify deficiencies structure’s overall energy efficiency

A building envelope plays a key role in the climate, structural soundness, and energy efficiency of a building.  A building envelope is everything that separates the internal building from the external environment, including the doors, windows, floors, walls, and especially the roof. High-efficiency insulation, ventilation, flashing and sufficiently sealed gaps increase the effectiveness of the envelope.

Building envelope technologies account for approximately 30% of the primary energy consumed in commercial buildings; A sound building envelope uses less energy, which is good for environmental sustainability and provides building owners with long-term substantial energy savings.

A County Roofing we can inspect your roof systems and total building envelope and advise on deficiencies and areas of improvement to increase the structure’s overall energy efficiency. The cost of corrections to areas of wasteful energy loss is small compared to the potential savings in long-term energy costs.